Adult Education - Lifelong Learning

Chabad of Riverdale offers stimulating and inspiring Jewish learning for adults ranging from first-time learners to those with years of prior study. Content is provided in multiple venues and formats: 
Library (Ohel Menachen)
Ohel Menachem is a lending library housing thousands of volumes in English covering every Jewish category: Biography, Israel, History, Fiction, Philosophy, Talmud, Kabballah, etc... Call for hours.
Jewish Learning Institute (JLI)
Instructor directed dialogue accompanied by dynamic textbooks and dramatic audio-visual presentations...more
Jewish Learning Network (JNET)
Personal one-on-one learning by phone. ..more
Sunday Morning Kollel 
(call ahead to confirm classes)
8:45am Shacharit
9:30 - 9:45am Coffee/Bagels

9:45 - 10:30am Choose from 1 of 6 Classes:
Kabbalah & the Parsha
Practical Jewish Law
Understanding Prayer
Reading Hebrew
Talmud for Dummies
JLI (Jewish Learning Institute) Program

10:30 - 11:15 am One-on-One Learning.
Talmud for Beginners (Online Course)
 “Talmud for Beginners”, allows you to delve into the text, explore the commentaries, challenge your mind and discover how Talmudic teachings have practical relevance in your life today. The classes, given by Rabbi Eli Wolf,  air each Wednesday evening at 8pm. Recordings of the classes are available online immediately after each class. ..more

Parsha Insights for Women
Parsha/Holiday lectures given on Shabbat.
October - March | 12:15pm
April - August | 6:15pm

Women's Night Out
Topical lectures/workshops for women. See weekly bulletin.
Friday evening/Shabbat lectures by prominent guest speakers. See weekly bulletin.