Welcome to Chabad Hebrew School of Riverdale, an innovative after-school Jewish enrichment program.
Our program is a trend setter in creative Jewish expression and education for children in grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.


Our Hebrew School prides itself on an outstanding Judaic and Hebrew language program, a fun and rich understanding of our holidays and culture, dynamic staff and stimulated students. Our program welcomes Jewish students regardless of religious background or affiliation.

Our Goals

  • To provide a positive and warm environment for your child
  • To attain a strong sense of love for, and pride in, being Jewish
  • To discover and explore the Torah (Bible) and the incredible history of the Jewish people
  • To gain an understanding of Jewish practice
  • To perceive Judaism’s relevance in the 21st century
  • To grasp the Torah’s moral and ethical expectations
  • To attain a hands-on appreciation for the Jewish holidays
  • To master the skills of Hebrew reading and writing
  • To gain familiarity with the basic Jewish prayers
  • To identify with the Land of Israel and its history
  • To stimulate students to express their opinions and questions

Our Approach

At Chabad Hebrew School, we strive to stress the beauty and warmth of Judaism and its Mitzvot. Our students are motivated and empowered to explore and discover the beauty of their heritage in an atmosphere of joy, love, and acceptance. Each lesson in Hebrew School is multi-sensory, hands-on, and incorporates different modes of learning to reach every child.   

We encourage you as a parent to get involved, ask questions and keep in touch with our program.
Feel free to contact us at any time at 718-549-1100.

Transportation is available. Inquire for details.