My Powerful Memories of Learning From the Rebbe

Thursday, 8 May, 2014 - 3:26 pm

When I found out the topic for next Sunday's JLI course - the transformational teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory - it struck a deep and emotional chord with me.

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the Rebbe, is respected as one of the wisest and most prolific religious leaders of recent history. His revolutionary vision and activism inspired a revival of Judaism in the post-Holocaust era.

The Rebbe was also my teacher. As he was and is to hundreds of thousands of others.


My most powerful and vivid childhood and adult memories involve attending the Rebbe's farbrengens (spiritual gatherings) and learning from him directly. The Rebbe's teachings became the pivotal guiding force of my life, driving my every perception, thought, and decision.

So what is it about the Rebbe's philosophy on life that is so revolutionary?

The Rebbe, through his transformational teachings and profound insight, gave each and every one of his students a unique outlook on life. We learn that God is good, but how we do reconcile that knowledge with the fact that we often seem to be surrounded by negative people and situations? The Rebbe shared a perspective that allowed us to stand outside of our current situation and view the world and its occupants with a fresh perspective. One that allowed us to navigate the tumultuous and often harsh world that we live in, and still experience inner peace.

This philosophy of being able to see the good in everyone and everything is central to the approach of each and every Chabad emissary, as s/he encounters different personality types and situations in their respective communities.

Friend, I am inviting you to join me on an amazing journey of self-discovery, one that can lead YOU to deeper insights and greater understanding of your life, and your relationships with yourself, with others, and with God.

You will see life through a new set of lenses - a change in perspective through which a radically more meaningful world will emerge.

Join me for Paradigm Shift, a revolutionary new six-week JLI course, that I have the honor and privilege of teaching. It begins on Sunday, May 11-June 22 from 9:45-11:15 am (no class on May 18), and the first class is free of charge with no obligation to continue.

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