Kernel From the Banquet

Thursday, 30 January, 2014 - 8:22 pm

This year, as I sat at the banquet that concludes 4 days of non-stop learning, I tried to remember how many I’ve attended.  The learning this year was fabulous as always, inspiring every participant to greater involvement, closer connections to each other, Hashem and the Rebbe.  Promises were made to continue to support the work of our shluchim (emissaries) and to share whatever we learn as well. 

As with any Chabad program, everyone comes for the spirituality, but the beautiful setting and gourmet food were top-notch!  Women were treated to four days of delicious, gourmet, healthy food.  We had music, we had dancing, we had lots of hugging as old friends reunited and new friends exchanged emails to keep up with each other until the next kinus (international conference for Chabad Lubavitch women emissaries).

The highlight for me this year was the banquet. At the roll call, everyone was given a neon wand. First, they called all those emissaries who were sent out by the Freidiker Rebbe in the 40s.  A few stood and waved their wands proudly.  Next were those who were sent out by the Rebbe in the 50s.  They also stood and waved their wands.  Then the 60s, the 70s, the 80s all the way until those who were sent out before the Rebbe passed.  Next were all those who were sent out after the Rebbe passed.  And the moment had arrived.  My daughter stood, proudly waving her wand with her fellow shluchos (emissaries) and I had Chassidishe nachas like I never could have imagined. 


But I always like to take away one kernel.  We each have our own unique purpose and it is imperative for each one of us to fulfill that purpose to achieve G-d’s plan.   

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