Women's Tehillim Group

In the merit of saying Tehillim (Psalms) , may we receive the blessings we need individually and for Klal Yisroel.
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Tehillim is recited by Jewish people collectively and individually, as the desire occurs to offer praise and thanksgiving to G‑d; or alternatively, in times of crisis and need, as a form of supplication, and even as a venue to express regret for sin.


When an individual says any amount of Tehillim (Psalms), she/he can merit many blessings. This is even more true when the entire book of Tehillim is recited by a group of individuals, since G‑d blesses us when we are united in peace with one another. It is also considered as if each individual who takes part in the group recited the entire Tehillim, not just her/his allocated chapter(s).

There are currently more than 30 woman who participate in the Shabbat Mevarchim (one Shabbat per month) Chabad Women's Tehillim Group. If you would like to participate, please indicate how many average size chapters (psalms) you would like to say and if you have any chapter preferences. Contact Dr. Frimet Kaplan by email at [email protected] or call 718-548-7346 and she will advise you of your allotted chapters.

You can say your Tehillim anytime and anywhere that Shabbat. If you, or someone you know, would like to dedicate the saying of Tehillim in the merit or memory of a loved one, please let Dr. Frimet Kaplan know.

Also, Dr. Frimet Kaplan maintains a list of people who need a refuah shlaima (speedy recovery) so that we may all pray for them. This list is published every week in the Bulletin. To add people to the list, call 718-548-7346 or fax 718-549-2355 and provide (as best you can) the person's Hebrew/Yiddish  name and their mother's Hebrew/Yiddish name. Names need to be reinstated every 4 weeks.