The Shul (Synagogue)
Shabbat & Festival Services
Friday night - Mincha is 10 minutes after candle lighting but, as the days get longer, no later than 7:00pm)
Shabbat Morning - Tanya is 8:30 am, Shacharit is 9:00 am
Shabbat Afternoon/Holidays - Mincha is the same time as candle lighting
All services are held at our shul (synagogue) at Chabad.
Shabbat morning services are usually followed by a hot (Cholent) Kiddush. Once a month, on Shabbat Mevarchim (the Shabbat when we bless the new moon), we have a "Farbrengen" - a sit-down Kiddush accompanied by singing and words of inspiration. To sponsor a Kiddush/Farbrengen, download our Kiddush Sponsorship Form and call us at 718-549-1100 x10 to find out date availability, menu options and price.
Junior Congregation
10:45am - 12:00pm
We have two Junior Congregation groups, one for ages 2-6 and another for ages 7 & up.
Morning Minyan
Chabad of Riverdale has a weekday (Monday - Friday) morning minyan at 6:55 AM. Please see our Weekly Bulletin for holiday exceptions.
Sunday Prayer 101 - The Tefillin Club
Join us every Sunday morning at 8:45am for Prayer 101 - your introduction to the weekday service.  We'll teach you how to achieve a powerful spiritual bond through the core mitzvah of Tefillin, followed by a delicious free brunch.  All Jewish men are welcome. No prior experience is needed.
Parsha Insights for Women
Join our Shabbat Torah class for women with Rebbetzin Sorah Shemtov.