Super Jew Super You

We believe Judaism should be a positive experience, full of joy and smiles! Through each fun and enriching lesson, students will feel proud of their Judaism and gain knowledge of their heritage.

In the Super Jew Super You Curriculum, the teacher will broach an exciting ‘Super Powers’ framework to introduce a new dilemma, scenario, or challenge to the students. These scenarios will be relatable to their day-to-day lives. Using clues, the students will be taken on an exploratory journey, facts, and how-to information from the Torah that will lead them to gain a full understanding of the subject matter. The clues will encourage engaging and fun methods of learning; including interactive activities, games, music & movement, and crafts as they make their way through the lesson.

º Students will discover new ‘Super Powers’ each week which builds their image as a Super Jew! 
º Students will decorate a ‘Super Jew’ cape with all the ‘superpowers’ learned throughout the year.