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Annual Chabad Calendar
Events Pass Package: $360
Includes 6 Dedication Dates in our calendar PLUS 6 event passes to 2 Shul events, so you can bring your friends (over a $500 value). Choose from the following events: Model Matzah Bakery, Chanukah Wonderland, Shabbaton, Purim dinner meal, or a Sukkot meal.
Family Package: $90
6 Dedication Dates in our calendar.
Calendar Dedication: $18
1 Dedication Date. Honor a family member,
celebrate life and support your Shul. Scroll down to the bottom to submit your greetings.
Holiday Programming
Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur
Start the new year on a sweet note. Provide High Holiday seats at Chabad for the needy.
Two High Holiday Seats: $1000 One High Holiday Seat: $500
Help us share the beautiful and fragrant commandments of Sukkot with hundreds of Jews from all different backgrounds.
Entire Sukkot Program: $2000
Two communal meals in the Chabad Sukkah and our Sukkah Mobile (up to 2 sponsors).
Simchat Torah Celebrations: $1000 Communal Sukkot Meals: $500
5 individuals will enjoy our 2 communal Sukkot meals (up to 12 sponsors).
Make a donation that illuminates the Bronx with the miracle of Chanukah – as Jews celebrate freedom over oppression and hope over despair.
Giant Menorah Lighting: $5000
Thousands of Jews gather at the Monument for the public Menorah Lighting.
Annual Chanukah Wonderland: $2000
Bronx children experience the miracle and sweetness of this holiday.
Toys for Tots: $2000
Each Chanukah, we bring smiles of joy as we distribute toys and gifts to hospitalized children.
Shul and Youth Chanukah Parties: $500
Up to 4 sponsors.
Partner with Chabad and fulfill the four commandments of Purim on a communal as well as an individual level.
Purimania Celebrations: $1000
Purim Dinner: $1000
For 30 people.
Purim Dinner: $350
For 10 people.
Help us make sure that no Jew in the Bronx is left behind on Passover.
Two Communal Sedarim: $2000
For the Russian Jews of Kingsbridge.
One Communal Seder: $1000
For the Russian Jews of Kingsbridge.
Passover Food Drive: $1000
Every person will enjoy Seder essentials
(up to 3 sponsors).
Model Matzah Bakery: $500
Local children will experience the process of
manufacturing Matzah (up to 2 sponsors).
Lag B'Omer
On Lag B'Omer, the Riverdale community unites with pride for its Lag B'Omer celebrations.
Lag B'Omer picnic: $2000
Up to 2 sponsors.
On Shavuot, we renew our acceptance of the Torah and our commitment to Judaism. Our Shavuot programs invigorate and inspire the Jewish community.
Scholar-in-Residence Program: $2000 Shavuot Ice Cream Party: $500
Our Shabbatons feature outstanding renowned speakers from across the globe, whose impact on our community continues far beyond the weekend.
"New Year" of Chassidut (19th of Kislev): $2000
Up to 2 sponsors.
The Lubavitcher
Rebbe's Yahrtzeit: $2000
Up to 2 sponsors.
Communal Shabbat Meal for the Community: $1000
Youth Shabbatons
Bar Mitzvah Club Shabbaton: $1000
Up to 2 sponsors.
Kinneret Day School Shabbaton: $1000
Up to 2 sponsors.
Release Time Shabbaton: $1000
Up to 2 sponsors.
Sponsor a Kiddush
Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, the Yahrzeit of a family member or other occasion with a Kiddush lunch at the shul! Sponsoring a Kiddush is a beautiful way of celebrating your special occasion with the community. Submit your contact information below and we will contact you to finalize the details.

Basic Kiddush: $375 - The Kiddush includes kugels, dips, crackers, etc.

 Farbrengen: $550 (with a menu of choices)

Jewish Women's Circle
There is a universal camaraderie among women. Whether it's connecting spiritually, learning, or simply sharing Shabbat recipes, events organized by the Jewish Women's Circle give women from across Riverdale the chance to connect and be inspired.
Chanukah Event: $1000
The event includes speaker/entertainment and refreshments (up to 2 sponsors).
Purim Event: $1000
The event includes speaker / entertainment / music and refreshments (up to 2 sponsors).
Two Rosh Chodesh Society lectures: $360 Ethics of the Fathers class: $180
Adult Education
Learn to live and live to learn. Feed your soul each week with our thought-provoking and stimulating adult education programs.
Bar Mitzvah Club Classes: $2000
A Bar Mitzvah boy will receive a full year of classes.
Bar Mitzvah Club Classes: $1000
A Bar Mitzvah boy will receive six months of classes.
JLI Courses: $1500
Three JLI sessions.
JLI session: $350
One JLI session.
Youth Programming
Children represent our future; all of our hopes and aspirations are wrapped up in the next generation. A Jewish education instills students within a strong sense of identity, a profound connection to the community and the Jewish people, and a deep commitment to Judaism and its values. Thank you for helping us help them.
Early Learning Center Scholarship
Full Year: $10,000
Half a Year: $5000 Day of Learning: $1500
Dedicate a day of learning in honor or memory of a loved one.
Camp Gan Israel Tuition
Offer Jewish children in the Bronx a summer they won't forget!
Whole Summer: $2700 Three Weeks: $1700 One Week: $600
Day of Learning: $1500
Dedicate a day of camp programs in honor or memory of a loved one.
Afterschool Program
Holiday Sing-Along with Morah Shifra: $500
Preparing for the Jewish holidays has never been as fun! For toddlers and babies.
First Taste for Preschoolers: $500
A child who does not attend a Jewish school will enjoy a full year of this fun and enriching afterschool program.
Early Learning Center Special Events: $500
Including: Carnival • Purim Celebration • Model Seder
Mother's Day Brunch • Lag B'Omer
(multiple sponsorships available)
Social Welfare
"He who saves one soul, it is as if he has saved the world."
Social welfare represents the cornerstone of our approach. No sector of our community should feel excluded or unwanted in our community.
Shabbat for a Needy Family in the Bronx: $150
Seder Night for a Needy Family in the Bronx: $150 Shabbat for a Russian Couple in Kingsbridge: $150
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