We print 3,500 calendars which are distributed to Jewish families and businesses in Riverdale. It has been seen displayed in homes and offices throughout the community, thus ensuring optimum year-long visibility for your services. The calendar also enjoys broader exposure as it is is used by our preschool families.  


Chabad House Calendar & Program Guide
I would like to receive a FREE Chabad House Calendar & Program Guide for 2023-24 / 5784 (please enter your address in contact section below)
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$25.00 each or $100 for up to 5

* Please type names exactly as you'd like them to appear in our calendar.
* All birthdays, anniversaries and yahrtzeits will be displayed in the calendar box on the date which they occur.
* Years are not required but will assist us in determining your Hebrew Birthday (Years will NOT be printed in the calendar).
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* Business listings, personal messages, Bar/Bat Mitzvah announcements, graduating student and more, can be placed in a business card ad space.
$100 - Single block (1.32"x 1.22")
 $180 - Double Block/Business Listing
$450 - Quarter page (3.5" Square) $700 - Half Page Ad Vertical (3.5" x 7")
$1,200 - Full Page (7" Square)
$700 - Half Page Ad Horizontal (7" x 3.5")
$1,800 - 13 Business Card Ads 
 $3,800 - Prominent Display Back Cover
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