Lifecycle Guidance

Chabad of Riverdale offers support and religious guidance for the entire range of lifecycle events: ..more


-Pregnancy & Birth
-Brit Milah - Circumcision
-Upsherin - a Jewish boy's first haircut
-Jewish Birthday
-Bar and Bat Mitzvah
-The Jewish Wedding
-Growing Old
-Death & Mourning 

Celebrate life's joys - remember loved ones - through a Tree of Life dedication.

candle1.gif-Kaddish Recitation -
Throughout the millenium, Jews have remembered their loved ones with the recitation of the Kaddish. Kaddish is the most caring and respectful way we can manifest our undying love. Kaddish is the way we actively demonstrate that a Jewish soul is never forgotten. Click here for a Kaddish Guide and Trainer. Please call us for kaddish arrangements.