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Volunteer Opportunities


"If he performs [but] one mitzvah, he tips the balance for himself and for the entire world to the scale of merit, bringing himself and others salvation and liberation."

Provide Meals: Help provide meals for individuals/families after birth, during shiva or illness, r"l (may the smachot be many). You can help by either cooking, or ordering ready-to-eat food from a local store and having food delivered.  Contact Stacey Slone at 347-275-2233 to become part of the "on call" committee.

Visit the Elderly, Homebound, or  Hospitalized: Contact the office.

Help with Mailings: Contact the office.

Substitute at Gan Izzy Preschool: Contact the office.

Give a maternity gift of protection for mother and baby: ShirL'maalot cards are available through Sorah Shemtov. Contact the office.

Help Distribute Toys for Hospitalized Children: Help us during the Chanukah season. Contact the office for details.

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