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The Jewish Week, February 27, 2013: Rabbi Shemtov stresses the importance of caring about each and every Jew in the Bronx.


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 Rabbi Levi Shemtov and Minda Abidor, left and center, bringing Shabbos food to a family relocated from a shelter to the South Bronx.  

The New York Times Magazine, Oct 2011: Rabbi Levi and Sorah Shemtov and their children, of Riverdale, NY are featured in a NY Times Magazine article on the importance of families eating dinner together.


Sorah Shemtov (mother): “We say a blessing before we put anything into our mouths, for each type of food, and then a blessing after we’ve finished.”

Rabbi Levi Shemtov (father): “We go through the children, how their day was at school with the teacher and the students. Any interesting things took place, that’s the time they’re going to tell us about it.”

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