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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Family/Holiday Programs

Contrary to popular opinion, Judaism's main focus isn't the synagogue - it's the family. Judaism isn't just a religion - it's a way of life. It's place is in the center of life: the home.

Chabad of Riverdale gears holiday celebrations so that young and old are able to find a sense of belonging, celebration, and tradition. Our goal is to pique every individual's interest and excitement. We strive to bring out Judaism's inner spark so that the holidays are a pleasure and a delight, a discovery of meaning and a celebration of our love for our fellow Jews, our tradition and our G‑d.

Family/Holiday Programs include:

-Shofar Factory
-Sukkah mobile (Sukkah on a truck)
-Community Sukkah meals
-Simchat Torah celebration
-Giant Menorah lighting
-Purim festival meal, gift baskets, costume party 
-Matzoh factory
-Lag B'Omer picnic and bonfire
-Shavuot Ice Cream party

-Holiday Expos:
shows, contests, original games and much more. 4 times a year: Chanukah, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot. See
Events Calendar for dates and times.

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